What to do in the event of a claim…

Should the worst happen or even an incident that you think may result in insurance companies being involved you need to be aware of what to do. Here is our step by step guide to the do’s and don’ts…

1. Don’t panic
You’ve got great cover and a team of experts to back you up. This is what insurance is for!

2. Is everybody safe?
Before worrying about property and who’s to blame make sure everyone is safe and if anyone needs medical assistance they have it.

3. Do you need to contact the authorities?
If you have had anything stolen or been involved in an accident then you will need to contact the police to inform them.

4. Don’t admit liability
We can work out who’s fault it is later when we have all the facts.
Do pass on our details if there is anyone indicates they may claim against you.

5. Ring us as soon as possible
During office hours ring 01799 588088. If it’s outside normal working hours then call our 24/7 claims support line on 0344 8544 890.
Any delay could lead to an increase in costs which may not be covered by the insurer.

6. Get as much information as possible
Get the names and contact details of not only the person(s) involved, but also the names and contact details of anybody who has witnessed the incident.

7. Take photos
If it’s practical, take photographs of anything you think may come in handy later to explain what happened.